Grave Safety Concerns About Barrier Arm on Elizabeth St

One Warkworth Business Association - Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Auckland Transport Interim Improvements Proposal for Hill St Intersection
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Read about the proposed interim improvements to Hill St intersection proposed by Auckland Transport 
and about One Warkworth's concerns about the proposed barrier arm across Elizabeth St.
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Update on Warkworth Roading and Infrastructure

One Warkworth Business Association - Friday, May 05, 2017
On 30 March 2017 One Warkworth Business Association (OneWW) and the Member of Parliament for Rodney, Hon. Mark Mitchell, hosted a meeting at Warkworth to discuss roading and infrastructure issues facing Warkworth.

Attending the meeting were; Mark Mitchell, Mark Macky (Vice Chairperson of OneWW), David Hay (Planner and OneWW Committee Member), Rodney Local Board members including chairperson Beth Houlbrooke,  representatives from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), representatives from Auckland Transport (AT), and Roger Williams on behalf of the Warkworth Area Liaison Group (WALG).

The purpose of the meeting was to provide opportunity for:
  1. NZTA and AT to give an update to the Local Board, OneWW and the WALG, and for those groups to share the information with the local community.
  2. OneWW and WALG to give a joint presentation to AT and NZTA addressing “Planning future access to Warkworth”. 
    A copy of this presentation can be viewed HERE.  Please note the file may download to the bottom of the screen and take a while to open.
  3. Agreement regarding future meetings.

Discussion Summary

1.  Planning future access to Warkworth

The new Unitary Plan and extensive population growth now forecast for Warkworth were not known to NZTA when it planned the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway extension and when it was decided no southern interchange was required. 
  b NZTA, AT and the local community now need to address a doubling of the Warkworth population by 2022 and a minimum population of 20,000 within 20 years, noting that about 12,000 people will live in southern Warkworth.
  c The planned motorway on and off ramps are to the north of Warkworth and do not facilitate ease of access for Warkworth's Auckland bound (or returning) traffic, and is likely to increase traffic movements through the Hill St intersection.
  d Traffic by-passing Warkworth (heading north or south) is unlikely to call into Warkworth if doing so involves them having to change direction and a 6km round trip detour. As a consequence Warkworth business will suffer from the absence of a southern interchange.
  e The Government is committed to carrying the RONS up to Northland and inter-regional connectivity is vital. 
  f NZTA advised it takes about 18 months realistically to designate a route and NZTA has a budget for planning. 2018/2021 planning is happening now and a southern interchange is a consideration given the implications of the new Unitary Plan.

2. Hill Street Intersection
  a OneWW and WALG expressed support for a solution to the Hill Street intersection prior to the completion of the motorway extension and the Matakana Link Road. 
  b Whilst acknowledging that a full AT and NZTA investigation was required, expert comment put to OneWW and WALG expressed the view that the roundabout proposed by the Fix Hill Street Now Action Group could be built within a 15 month works period, and the work undertaken whist enabling traffic flow.
  c Concern was noted that any change to the Hill Street intersection has potential for unacceptable congestion.
  d It is agreed that the recent Elizabeth Street closure did not follow adequate consultation and any future change would follow timely consultation.
  e It was acknowledged that the Elizabeth Street closure divided the local community and timely consultation may reduce future division.

f Pedestrian and cyclist safety needs were noted. 
  g NZTA and AT have allocated funding for a full investigation of a Hill Street intersection solution. This news is a significant step forward and is very well received.
  h Despite NZTA expressing a view post meeting that physical work on a Hill Street intersection solution should be delayed until the Matakana Link Rd and motorway extensions are complete, all other parties agreed this decision is to be determined by the pending investigation.

3. Spatial Plan for Warkworth
  a At the request of OneWW, a group of local professionals have prepared a Spatial Plan for Warkworth. It is intended to undertake consultation on a Draft Spatial Plan during May.
  b This Spatial Plan is seen by OneWW as an essential document to ensure the planned and co-ordinated future development of Warkworth. The plan discusses residential and commercial developments, road networks, and pedestrian and cycle ways. It is due to be released in the next few months as a discussion document.
  c OneWW are concerned about the lack of Council engagement and that development will happen on a developer-driven, ad hoc basis.
  d AT expressed their keenness to discuss the Spatial Plan with the group and assist with the process.  

4. Future Meetings.
    All parties have agreed to meet quarterly.

OneWW thanks all parties who attended this meeting. The parties willingness to consider solutions to the Hill Street intersection, a southern motorway interchange and a Spatial Plan was extremely constructive and ongoing discussions could prove to be very beneficial for Warkworth.

Puhoi to Warkworth motorway project - information drop-in sessions

One Warkworth Business Association - Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The NX2 Project Team are hosting two informal information sessions for the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway project.

We would like to invite you to attend the following events:

Event  Date  Time  Location 
Warkworth informal  
drop-in session
10 Dec 2016 
10am - 1pm   Rodney Lodge, No. 1711
Level 1, 10 Baxter Street   
Puhoi informal 
drop-in session
15 Dec 2016
5pm - 8pm  Puhoi Sports Club
Puhoi Domain

These sessions will offer an opportunity for you to view images of the motorway alignment and to find out more about the project.

Please come along for a free BBQ and to meet key members of the project team.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The NX2 Stakeholder and Communications Team
Phone 0508 P2WK INFO (0508 7295 4636)

Elizabeth Street closure from Hill Street Intersection

One Warkworth Business Association - Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Business Association has received comment expressing concern about loss of business as a direct result of the closure of access to Elizabeth Street from the Hill Street intersection and has conveyed . 

The Association has conveyed this concern to Greg Horne, Stakeholder Liaison Person at Auckland Transport, Greg Sayers as our local Councilor, and to Mark Mitchell as our local MP. The solution sought by some members is the end of the trial closure. 

The Association has today been told by Melanie Alexander, Auckland Transport acting traffic engineer manager for this project, that Auckland Council wish to continue the road closure until the end of November and may at that time consider discontinuing the trial.

The party to whom business owners or other concerned parties should express comment is Greg Horne at

Below is an email to Greg from the Association.

Greg Horne
Auckland Transport

There is growing concern among Warkworth Businesses about the affect of the closure of access to Elizabeth Street for the Hill Street intersection. Many are advising they have suffered significant loss of business in the few days that the access has been closed. As we discussed this morning at least one business owner is threatening to remove the barrier. We have not encouraged this action but note it to stress the level of concern felt by some businesses. 

I’m am conveying this concern to you on behalf of the One Warkworth Business Association. The solution sought by those affected members is an end to the trial closure and the removal of the barrier.

We have raised this concern with Mark Mitchell as our MP and with Greg Sayers as our Councillor.

Can you please advocate on behalf of our affected members to Auckland Transport and advise any proposed steps Auckland Transport may take to address these concerns.

Thank you