Pending Population Growth in Warkworth

One Warkworth Business Association - Thursday, June 29, 2017

Attached below is a Report (and Zoning Map) by the One Warkworth Special Interest group focused on the rate at which the population of Warkworth is to grow in coming years.


Burnette Macnicol (OPC Creative Planning Solutions) and David Hay (Osbornehay Resource Management Practice), Warkworth-based planners, have compiled this report with information from other industry specific specialists. Information considered cannot be said to be complete so this report will not encompass all current or imminent development. There is likely to be development in addition to what is listed within this report.


Burnette and David, together with other local professionals, are also engaged with Council regarding the need for a new Structure Plan for Warkworth.  A Structure Plan that accounts for, and manages, population growth-related development before it happens in an ad hoc manner. This group has undertaken extensive work which Council may benefit from. The hope is Council will use the informed expert assistance this group offers as a resource to ensure we have a framework for current and future decision-making (roads, schools or identified locations for the same, etc) that developers can incorporate into development.  At present there is no relevant structure. An opportunity exists for Council to fast-track a locality-specific and appropriate plan without the usual resource cost to Council due to the resource this local group offers.


The attached population report notes the multiplier applied by the Ministry of Education of 2.9 people per household. If 3,770 household units are built by 2022 and this multiplier is correct, then there will be a further 10,933 people in the immediate Warkworth area.  

NB this refers to Warkworth only and not to Snells Beach, Matakana or other areas often encompassed within the description of 'Warkworth'.

The current population of Warkworth is a little over 4,000 people.  If growth eventuates as this report anticipates, Warkworth will have a population more than three times its current population in five years time. To date we have worked on a doubling of the population in five years and the population being four times current in twenty years.  What we are seeing suggests a much faster rate of growth and greater overall growth than recently forecast.


There will of course be additional growth in the surrounding areas of Snells Beach, Matakana, Omaha, Leigh etc. We are to do a separate analysis of these areas.

Pending Population Growth in Warkworth

Zoning Map with Potential Housing with Numbers