Elizabeth Street closure from Hill Street Intersection

One Warkworth Business Association - Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Business Association has received comment expressing concern about loss of business as a direct result of the closure of access to Elizabeth Street from the Hill Street intersection and has conveyed . 

The Association has conveyed this concern to Greg Horne, Stakeholder Liaison Person at Auckland Transport, Greg Sayers as our local Councilor, and to Mark Mitchell as our local MP. The solution sought by some members is the end of the trial closure. 

The Association has today been told by Melanie Alexander, Auckland Transport acting traffic engineer manager for this project, that Auckland Council wish to continue the road closure until the end of November and may at that time consider discontinuing the trial.

The party to whom business owners or other concerned parties should express comment is Greg Horne at

Below is an email to Greg from the Association.

Greg Horne
Auckland Transport

There is growing concern among Warkworth Businesses about the affect of the closure of access to Elizabeth Street for the Hill Street intersection. Many are advising they have suffered significant loss of business in the few days that the access has been closed. As we discussed this morning at least one business owner is threatening to remove the barrier. We have not encouraged this action but note it to stress the level of concern felt by some businesses. 

I’m am conveying this concern to you on behalf of the One Warkworth Business Association. The solution sought by those affected members is an end to the trial closure and the removal of the barrier.

We have raised this concern with Mark Mitchell as our MP and with Greg Sayers as our Councillor.

Can you please advocate on behalf of our affected members to Auckland Transport and advise any proposed steps Auckland Transport may take to address these concerns.

Thank you