Grave Safety Concerns About Barrier Arm on Elizabeth St

One Warkworth Business Association - Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Auckland Transport Interim Improvements Proposal for Hill St Intersection
Have Your Say !!

Read about the proposed interim improvements to Hill St intersection proposed by Auckland Transport 
and about One Warkworth's concerns about the proposed barrier arm across Elizabeth St.
click HERE 

To have your say go to the bottom of the Auckland Transport webpage and add your comment.

Membership Loyalty Card with Noel Leeming

One Warkworth Business Association - Thursday, October 05, 2017

One Warkworth Business Association

Member Loyalty Card  -  NOW AVAILABLE

This card will get you, your staff and or your family anything in store at 
Noel Leeming (only in Warkworth) at cost +10% !!
There are huge savings to be made with this card and we will be 
looking to add more benefits to the card throughout the year.

One Warkworth members can get their loyalty card from:
Reception  *  KGA Warkworth Ltd  *  54 Whitaker Road  *  Warkworth

     NOTE that you will need to bring with you: 
  • a business card as proof of your belonging to your member business
  • photo ID, eg a drivers licence

If you can't pick up your card for whatever reason, please let Murray Chapman know 
0274 966 550  |

Extra cards may be purchased through One Warkworth - just ask Murray.

If you would like to become a member of One Warkworth Business Association 
either contact Murray or fill in our form HERE

Promote Your Business - Wearable Art Fundraiser Entry

One Warkworth Business Association - Thursday, September 14, 2017
Get creative and promote your business
in support of Warkworth Wellsford Hospice and Mahurangi College
co-presenters of
13th & 14th October
More entries are needed for the Wearable Advertising section!

Use your tools of trade to create a memorable outfit for the catwalk.
You could win $500 and priceless promotion for your business.
Models can be provided if you need them – just note your requirements on the entry form.

  Download an entry form HERE
or visit
or collect a form from the Warkworth Hospice Shop or Hospice House
Cnr Woodcocks Rd and Morrison Drive
Entry forms should be in by 25th September


  Open 1st prize $1000
2nd prize $500
  Youth  1st prize $500
2nd prize $300
   Creative Creatures (families)  1st prize $300
2nd prize $200
   Wearable Advertising  1st prize $500
   Bling It On (Accessories)  1st prize $300  

For more information call 09 425 9535 or email

One Warkworth AGM 2017

One Warkworth Business Association - Wednesday, August 09, 2017
Notice of Meeting
of the
 Warkworth Area Business Association Incorporated   
 This is notice that the Association will hold its Annual General Meeting 
on Wednesday, 23 August 2017 at 5.30pm 
Bridgehouse Lodge, Back Bar
16 Elizabeth St, Warkworth

Nominations for the Committee are welcome

Nomination Forms (below) must be submitted by 5.00pm
on Monday, 21 August 2017

The business to be conducted is as follows;

  1. Confirm Minutes from the 2016 AGM
  2. Receive a report of the preceding year from the Executive Committee
  3. Receive a report of the balance sheet and accounts for the preceding year.
  4. Elect Executive Committee members
  5. Elect whether to appoint an Audit

Click on each link for a copy of the following;

AGM 2016 Minutes

The Constitution

Statement of Financial Accounts

Committee nomination form

Proxy voting form 

Warkworth Area Not for Profit Organisations Free Promotion Opportunity

One Warkworth Business Association - Thursday, August 03, 2017

One Warkworth Business Association is working with Chameleon Live Source Broadcasting which is installing a minimum of twenty digital advertising screens throughout our community. 

This community programme has successfully been installed in the Orewa, Browns Bay, Milford, Takapuna, Devonport, Grey Lynn, New Lynn, Dominion Road, & Nor'West town Centres.  It is currently in roll-out phase throughout Auckland in conjunction with the business associations network.

With a 10 to 12-minute rotation, these screens will feature the following local information: upcoming events, community messages, Live News, weather, maritime and traffic feeds, as well as the local business advertising.

One Warkworth is pleased to announce that not-for-profit community organisations in the Warkworth Area will have FREE access to these screens to promote upcoming events in our community, or to publicise a community notice.

To get your community organisation promotion on-screen please click HERE to download the content guidelines. These explain what you need to do to create your organisation's advert.

Once done send it to

It is that simple!

Warkworth Spatial Plan Consultation Document

One Warkworth Business Association - Friday, June 30, 2017

Concerned about the rate of development in Warkworth, and Council’s delay to start planning for growth, a group of locals has prepared a proposal on the potential use of land in future urban areas.

Spatial Plan Consultation Document

Spatial Plan Diagram

The proposal is intended to generate community thought, discussion and feedback to inform a community-led spatial plan, which will be submitted to Council so it can be used for detailed structure planning and future zone changes. 

The proposal aims to speed up the whole process, which is vitally important if Warkworth has any hope of developing in a coordinated way.

Based on what is known about the area from the Unitary Plan’s land-use rules and what key agencies like NZTA, Auckland Transport and the Ministry of Education are currently planning, the group’s proposal considers:

  •         routes for arterial roads, cycleways, walkways and greenway trails
  •         broad areas for residential, open space, and industrial land use
  •         general locations for core community facilities e.g. schools and active recreational areas
  •         general locations for future commercial centres
  •         the interrelationships between all the above

The group of nine came together to pool their knowledge of the local area and their expertise in town planning, engineering, and development to consider how Warkworth can reach its fullest potential. 

It has involved meeting with Council officers, elected members and various agencies, as well as attending meetings with the community forum, which is looking at plans for the town centre and riverbank.

Any community groups or organisations that would like a presentation about the proposal can request via email to 

Consultation will run until midnight Sunday, 6 August 2017.

The spatial plan is a high-level, non-statutory planning document that aims to provide a framework to guide future planning and development decisions in a manner that is supported by our community.

This group is independent of One Warkworth. 

Group members have made a commitment that this exercise has been undertaken in utmost good faith and in a holistic manner, for the betterment of the community at large and not to directly or indirectly benefit any vested interests including those of clients.

Pending Population Growth in Warkworth

One Warkworth Business Association - Thursday, June 29, 2017

Attached below is a Report (and Zoning Map) by the One Warkworth Special Interest group focused on the rate at which the population of Warkworth is to grow in coming years.


Burnette Macnicol (OPC Creative Planning Solutions) and David Hay (Osbornehay Resource Management Practice), Warkworth-based planners, have compiled this report with information from other industry specific specialists. Information considered cannot be said to be complete so this report will not encompass all current or imminent development. There is likely to be development in addition to what is listed within this report.


Burnette and David, together with other local professionals, are also engaged with Council regarding the need for a new Structure Plan for Warkworth.  A Structure Plan that accounts for, and manages, population growth-related development before it happens in an ad hoc manner. This group has undertaken extensive work which Council may benefit from. The hope is Council will use the informed expert assistance this group offers as a resource to ensure we have a framework for current and future decision-making (roads, schools or identified locations for the same, etc) that developers can incorporate into development.  At present there is no relevant structure. An opportunity exists for Council to fast-track a locality-specific and appropriate plan without the usual resource cost to Council due to the resource this local group offers.


The attached population report notes the multiplier applied by the Ministry of Education of 2.9 people per household. If 3,770 household units are built by 2022 and this multiplier is correct, then there will be a further 10,933 people in the immediate Warkworth area.  

NB this refers to Warkworth only and not to Snells Beach, Matakana or other areas often encompassed within the description of 'Warkworth'.

The current population of Warkworth is a little over 4,000 people.  If growth eventuates as this report anticipates, Warkworth will have a population more than three times its current population in five years time. To date we have worked on a doubling of the population in five years and the population being four times current in twenty years.  What we are seeing suggests a much faster rate of growth and greater overall growth than recently forecast.


There will of course be additional growth in the surrounding areas of Snells Beach, Matakana, Omaha, Leigh etc. We are to do a separate analysis of these areas.

Pending Population Growth in Warkworth

Zoning Map with Potential Housing with Numbers

Update on Warkworth Roading and Infrastructure

One Warkworth Business Association - Friday, May 05, 2017
On 30 March 2017 One Warkworth Business Association (OneWW) and the Member of Parliament for Rodney, Hon. Mark Mitchell, hosted a meeting at Warkworth to discuss roading and infrastructure issues facing Warkworth.

Attending the meeting were; Mark Mitchell, Mark Macky (Vice Chairperson of OneWW), David Hay (Planner and OneWW Committee Member), Rodney Local Board members including chairperson Beth Houlbrooke,  representatives from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), representatives from Auckland Transport (AT), and Roger Williams on behalf of the Warkworth Area Liaison Group (WALG).

The purpose of the meeting was to provide opportunity for:
  1. NZTA and AT to give an update to the Local Board, OneWW and the WALG, and for those groups to share the information with the local community.
  2. OneWW and WALG to give a joint presentation to AT and NZTA addressing “Planning future access to Warkworth”. 
    A copy of this presentation can be viewed HERE.  Please note the file may download to the bottom of the screen and take a while to open.
  3. Agreement regarding future meetings.

Discussion Summary

1.  Planning future access to Warkworth

The new Unitary Plan and extensive population growth now forecast for Warkworth were not known to NZTA when it planned the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway extension and when it was decided no southern interchange was required. 
  b NZTA, AT and the local community now need to address a doubling of the Warkworth population by 2022 and a minimum population of 20,000 within 20 years, noting that about 12,000 people will live in southern Warkworth.
  c The planned motorway on and off ramps are to the north of Warkworth and do not facilitate ease of access for Warkworth's Auckland bound (or returning) traffic, and is likely to increase traffic movements through the Hill St intersection.
  d Traffic by-passing Warkworth (heading north or south) is unlikely to call into Warkworth if doing so involves them having to change direction and a 6km round trip detour. As a consequence Warkworth business will suffer from the absence of a southern interchange.
  e The Government is committed to carrying the RONS up to Northland and inter-regional connectivity is vital. 
  f NZTA advised it takes about 18 months realistically to designate a route and NZTA has a budget for planning. 2018/2021 planning is happening now and a southern interchange is a consideration given the implications of the new Unitary Plan.

2. Hill Street Intersection
  a OneWW and WALG expressed support for a solution to the Hill Street intersection prior to the completion of the motorway extension and the Matakana Link Road. 
  b Whilst acknowledging that a full AT and NZTA investigation was required, expert comment put to OneWW and WALG expressed the view that the roundabout proposed by the Fix Hill Street Now Action Group could be built within a 15 month works period, and the work undertaken whist enabling traffic flow.
  c Concern was noted that any change to the Hill Street intersection has potential for unacceptable congestion.
  d It is agreed that the recent Elizabeth Street closure did not follow adequate consultation and any future change would follow timely consultation.
  e It was acknowledged that the Elizabeth Street closure divided the local community and timely consultation may reduce future division.

f Pedestrian and cyclist safety needs were noted. 
  g NZTA and AT have allocated funding for a full investigation of a Hill Street intersection solution. This news is a significant step forward and is very well received.
  h Despite NZTA expressing a view post meeting that physical work on a Hill Street intersection solution should be delayed until the Matakana Link Rd and motorway extensions are complete, all other parties agreed this decision is to be determined by the pending investigation.

3. Spatial Plan for Warkworth
  a At the request of OneWW, a group of local professionals have prepared a Spatial Plan for Warkworth. It is intended to undertake consultation on a Draft Spatial Plan during May.
  b This Spatial Plan is seen by OneWW as an essential document to ensure the planned and co-ordinated future development of Warkworth. The plan discusses residential and commercial developments, road networks, and pedestrian and cycle ways. It is due to be released in the next few months as a discussion document.
  c OneWW are concerned about the lack of Council engagement and that development will happen on a developer-driven, ad hoc basis.
  d AT expressed their keenness to discuss the Spatial Plan with the group and assist with the process.  

4. Future Meetings.
    All parties have agreed to meet quarterly.

OneWW thanks all parties who attended this meeting. The parties willingness to consider solutions to the Hill Street intersection, a southern motorway interchange and a Spatial Plan was extremely constructive and ongoing discussions could prove to be very beneficial for Warkworth.

Revitalise Warkworth's CBD

One Warkworth Business Association - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Revitalise Warkworth's CBD

Come and meet the One Warkworth manager, 
Murray Chapman

Learn about our Revitalise the CBD group with a focus on
revitalising our CBD Retail sector.
We invite all Warkworth Retailers to attend 
but we welcome attendance from any interested business in Warkworth
Join in the conversation and find out what’s going on
This impacts you!

When? Tuesday 2nd or Wednesday 3rd or Thursday 4th May
Where? The Bridgehouse Back Bar
              16 Elizabeth St, Warkworth
What time? 5.30pm

~ nibbles provided ~

Please RSVP for one of these evenings as soon as possible
or phone Murray Chapman
0274 966 550

Numbers each evening will be limited 
& we want to meet you all !

One Warkworth Manager - introducing Murray Chapman

One Warkworth Business Association - Monday, January 23, 2017

      As I look back over my first week as the Manager of One Warkworth I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.  We already have a substantial membership base that will continue to grow.  As our membership grows it will give everyone a chance to not only have their voice heard at local and central Govt level, but it will open up more and more opportunities for each of you to do more business with each other.
I am fortunate to have had a long career with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.  One of the comments which I often got when we talked about lobbying Council or Government was, “I don’t need to be a member because you will lobby anyway”.  There is some truth in that.  But the reality is that a business organisation with 25% of their base as members has very little impact when it comes to lobbying.  The One Warkworth Business Association with 85% plus of their base as members has some real power!

I will be visiting as many of our members as possible over the next two months and I welcome any feedback or comments you may have on services, events or issues you would like to see One Warkworth tackle or put on for you.  We will be putting a program of events out shortly and I encourage everyone to get either yourself or your staff involved as much as possible.
The Buy Local promotion is designed to bring more business through your doors and again I would encourage you to get behind it.  Get your business listed on our web directory if you haven’t already, encourage your neighbour to join if they are not already members, and use the wonderful network of local businesses we have here.
Thank you to those businesses that I have spoken to so far for the warm welcome I have received; it really has been appreciated.  I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible as quickly as possible. 
Murray Chapman

phone  0274 966 550