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The Travelling Cinema Company
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The Travelling Cinema Company (formerly Openair Cinema) has a lot of experience in event management and so we can handle your event from the planning stages to the debrief in a very cost effective and professional manner.

Are you planning an unforgettable event in a special place with a movie suitable for your own handpicked audience?

Whether you're organising your own ticketed event, a corporate screening for your customers or employees, a private screening for your Birthday party, or a welcome addition to your festival, we're here to make it happen. We offer a broad number of services to make your dream a reality.

We own the biggest outdoor screen in New Zealand (18m wide and 11m high), which can cater for up to 5000 viewers or more than 300 cars (provided the space is big enough to accommodate these numbers). We've used public parks, urban venues, vineyards, beaches, private settings, even streets or places in townships and inner cities.

We run the only mobile DCP (Digital Cinema Projection) Unit in the country. Digital Cinema makes it possible to screen the newest releases as well as any older films, as long as we can get the copyrights secured for you. We have long-standing relationships with all the relevant film distributors in the country as well as the NZ Film Commission and are happy to do those negotiations on your behalf.

Our set-up allows to show advertising/promotions/short films etc. in almost any format prior to screenings, during intermissions or as epilogue.

The set-up includes a world standard audio system to underline a fantastic picture quality of films of any genre. We can deliver spectacular surround sound for indoor screenings or FM Transmission into cars for Drive-Ins.

We deliver solutions for :

  • Outdoor screenings (Openair Cinema)
  • Drive In Cinema with Radio Transmission
  • Indoor Cinema set-ups with surround sound
  • Live broadcasting of sports / broadcasting of live signals