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SMART-DIG™ was created from a need for a reliable, cost-effective, user-friendly machine that was built to last and meet the demands of the current and upcoming markets. There was a synergy between two businesses: Southeys Group, which is a New Zealand based company that specialises in hydro excavation (HX), and MS Engineering, another New Zealand based company that has the ability to complete any engineering requirements. By utilising each area of the two company’s expertise they formed SMART-DIG™ within New Zealand.

The design team consisted of three individuals that had a combined experience of 15 years in the practical operation of hydro excavation contracting. This vast experience and knowledge has resulted in a superior designed product that is built to last and easy to use.

SMART-DIG™ then teamed up with LMT Vaxteels located in North America which further advanced the SMART-DIG™ machines. Due to their engineering and marketing skills, they have now introduced the SMART-DIG™  line of HX equipment to their list of products.

The SMART-DIG™ HX product line is the result of an international partnership between LMT Inc, a Galva, Illinois-based company, and SMART-DIG™ Ltd of Warkworth, New Zealand. “We’re excited to be working with LMT and bringing the SMART-DIG™ product line to North America, stated Rob Southey, co-owner of SMART-DIG™ Ltd.  SMART-DIG™ hydro excavators were designed and engineered in New Zealand and have a proven track record in the Australasian markets.