Roseware Industries

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Roseware Industries
26 Hudson Road ,
Warkworth, 0984


Roseware Industries Ltd in Warkworth have been manufacturing fibre reinforced products since 1988.

Some of the innovative products at the Roseware Factory are :- No Leak Assurance Shower Cubicles - Custome Built Tile Shower Liners - Place 'n' Plant Fishponds - Vet Animal Cages - Outdoor and Landscaping - Fish Tanks - Campervan Panels - Tractor Parts, Truck Parts, Life Raft Canisters, Custom Boat parts, Custom Signage & Covers, Custom Movie Props.

For the majority of these products, Roseware has been involved in the design and produced the plugs and moulds for manufacturing.

The team at Roseware are happy to take on a challenge to produce a product. If you are told it cannot be done, talk to us.