Kowhai Coast Jewellers

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Kowhai Coast Jewellers
5 Queen Street, Warkworth ,
Auckland, 0910

Open times

Mon to Fri 9:30AM till 5PM, Sat 10:00AM till 2PM, Sun Closed


Kowhai Coast Jewellers is now not only your trusted traditional village jewellery shop but one with a strong focus on service, quality, and technological advances in jewellery repair and manufacture.

Trading in Warkworth for several decades, Kowhai Coast Jewellers has come to be recognised as one of the area’s most well-known sources for jewellery and services.  In October 2016, that torch was passed to new owners and a new vision was born.  Greg and Elly trade under the same name but with a completely new outlook on what they wanted Kowhai Coast Jewellers to be and the direction in which they wanted it to grow.

Kowhai Coast Jewellers now provides access to technology such as laser welding (for work on costume jewellery), an array of advanced gemmological equipment (for on-site insurance valuations and historical research of prized family heirlooms), and the utilisation of Computer Aided Design (enabling the creation of crisp and clear images of what your jewellery will look like before we even begin the physical work).  Kowhai Coast Jewellers is not your average village jewellery shop any more.