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1/1 Elizabeth St , (opp the Old Courthouse)
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Dr Gerald Turnbull, who’s practised for many years before 2000 in Auckland and

Pukekohe, has just opened a permanent new clinic opposite the old Court House in

Elizabeth Street.

Perhaps you remember early chiropractors to service Warkworth and Matakana in

the 1970’s ...Dr Lew Jones - a local...and Dr Denis Snow - who came north weekly

and worked out of the Vet Club. Times have changed.”

It’s great to be living in the area now with its growing population and idyllic

lifestyle. Teaching and practising for over a decade in the UK, I then spent recent

years locuming around NZ. But travel tires, like doing things other peoples’ way.”

Dr T is planning to do things his way - that’s less talk; more hands-on chiropractic.

I like to deal with problems directly and in short order if possible. Find it...Fix it...

Leave it alone, is a good practical motto – in health care as in lots of other things in

life. Haven’t we become a bit too used to other therapies with a service ethic that,

Never seems to quite find it...Seldom sorts it out, and yet...Never wants to leave it


If that’s your experience, you should find our care principles a lot different and the

quality of our services a refreshing change.”

Got a problem needing chiropractic assistance? Want the wellness that comes from

natural recovery with minimum intervention? Then call us today – we’ll be happy

to help.