Full Spectrum Training Facility

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Full Spectrum Training Facility
28A Baxter St ,
Warkworth, 0910

Open times

Mon-Fri 6AM - 9AM, 12PM-2PM & 3:30PM - 8PM Sat 10AM -12PM


Full Spectrums' mission is to provide the finest systems, specialists and facilities, seamlessly integrated to efficiently and ethically optimise our members performance. 

Through sound, scientific principles and successful application of these principals we have a constantly evolving unique philosophy of training which can help not only elite athletes but also everyday people looking to feel and move better.

 Full Spectrum creates a supportive environment which allows you to succeed as an individual and also a team.

​We believe in collaborating with health professionals to ensure safe treatment through ethical and proven procedures.

 We evaluate your movement and identify weaknesses in your individual abilities to not only reduce injury risk but also ensure you're moving efficiently.

​Our highly qualified coaches teach you how to train by educating you about why your doing what your doing. We provide you with the tools to better yourself through our support network.