Coffee Capsules 2U

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Coffee Capsules 2U
93 Pulham Road ,
Warkworth, 0910


We sell Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules. We also do more than that ....

In New Zealand we love our coffee. And right now, technology is changing the way we think about our daily fix. The trusty cup of instant coffee is under threat as we switch to the good taste and convenience of single serve coffee pods. Nespresso® are the market leaders and there is a swiftly growing market for coffee pods made to fit in their machines; the Nespresso® compatible coffee capsule.

Enter Coffee Capsules 2U New Zealand. We are Patrick and Louise living in Warkworth. We are not another big corporate brand, we are more like the little café on the corner. And like good Kiwis, we’ve found an innovative way for you to get good coffee at a good price. We keep the costs low by sourcing product straight from the roaster to you – streamlining the supply chain and delivering better value to you.

The freshly ground beans, tended to by award-winning roasters are sealed tight in coffee capsules designed specifically so you can extract fresh coffee every day; no matter what Nespresso® machine you use.

In New Zealand, simply offering good coffee is not good enough. We also make sure that we were good with the environment. We support clean, green New Zealand by using only recyclable coffee capsules. We've developed innovative methods to reuse the coffee and packaging in growing community food systems. We even create solutions that make it easier for you to recycle!

We make it easy for you to go good.