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Helping businesses see the forest for the trees.  After developing my own business I can empathize how difficult the challenge can be.  As they say: “the best thing about being your own boss is that you are, and the worst thing is that you are your own boss.” But that oxymoron is exactly that.  Every business owner needs an independent, trustworthy and experienced mentor.  There are many options out there, but this is what I specialize in. No problem going it alone, but how much is there to gain by avoiding some of those costly mistakes and speeding up your success by months or years? I work with business owners to clearly define what the desired outcome is, work hands-on to formalize this in terms of the strategy and then work with them to execute the plan.
I am also the director of The Local Business Network (TLBN) in Rodney and as such I do a lot of free non-line promotional work for Rodney businesses, as well as manage the business improvement network where business owners gather every two weeks for networking and business improvement that is taken place in a structured yet comfortable manner. Every business owner should attend this to see if the fit is good for them, I get rave reviews from those who do attend.

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