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Warkworth’s Business Improvement District

Thank you to the 253 local business owners and commercial landlords who took the time to study One Warkworth’s BID proposal and vote in the BID establishment ballot – this worked out to be a 43 percent voter return, one of the highest for a BID ballot. Of these voters, 88 percent voted in favour of establishing a Warkworth Business Improvement District – a clear majority.

On that basis, we have moved forward with the establishment process, which requires us to hold a SGM to ratify the vote, pass the new Constitution, adopt the BID area, and report to Auckland Council with a recommendation to establish a BID and strike the $500 (+GST) targeted rate from 1 July 2020. An email has been sent to all current financial members of One Warkworth advising them that the SGM will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, 28 April at 5:30pm. All financial members are able to vote at this meeting or submit a proxy vote, which can be downloaded by clicking here. Email your proxy voting form to Chris Murphy (Chair), Mark Macky (Deputy) or Murray Chapman (Manager).

Please note that during the voting we identified a property at 64 Morrison Drive that was outside the proposed map included in the ballot, when it should have been included.

On investigation we concluded the property was zoned business/commercial and should therefore be part of the BID programme and establishment ballot. A ballot pack was sent out to the ratepayer and we understand there was no business operating on the property as yet.

The map linked here, which includes 64 Morrison Drive, will be used for establishing the new BID programme and targeted rate.


Warkworth is changing rapidly with the population expected to explode over the next 20 years and land being developed at a rate of knots. These changes will generate more challenges and opportunities.

Financial stability is needed for One Warkworth to continue supporting the local business community through these changes; to continue helping grow the local economy; and to keep lobbying for appropriate infrastructure.

Great progress has been made over the last three years with the support of 23 loyal sponsors contributing about 70 percent of the money used to get things done for the business community, with the remaining 30 percent of funding coming from voluntary membership fees.

This was a high risk model, and a more efficient and fairer way of funding One Warkworth’s work was required.

The One Warkworth committee unanimously agreed to establish a Business Improvement District (BID) as the fairest way of achieving this.

The BID proposal

Our proposal set an annual maximum flat rate of $500 (excl. GST) per commercial title. If a landlord chooses to pass the BID rate onto his / her tenants, the fixed rate of $500 may be divided by the number of rented units.

Read more about our proposal by downloading our information booklet.

We also added an extra layer of protection so this rate cannot be changed easily, and this is drawn into our new constitution.

SGM to ratify the BID

The SGM to ratify the BID was held at 5:30pm on Tuesday, 28 April via Zoom. 16 people attended and 20 proxy votes were received. All five special resolutions required to established a BID in Warkworth were approved. View the full minutes here.

Supporting our businesses during COVID-19.

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