One Voice

Our ability to provide a voice for our members in the meetings that count is essential.

Representation on key projects such as Auckland Council strategic policies, Local Board plans, transport, and local economic development.

Our members’ feedback is essential for stakeholders, to ensure they are delivering policy and infrastructure that reflects the needs of local business and supports economic development.


Seek the adoption of an updated Warkworth Structure Plan, outlining a vision for the growth of Warkworth in the years to come and ensuring full community consultation in the process.


Provide concise summaries of the key issues to educate members on elements that will impact operationally or financially on their interests.

Provide submission deadline reminders through our media channels.

Provide adequate consultation with members, and time for them to contribute.

Invite local and central government leaders, and key stakeholders, to present at WABA business development events.

Provide members with access to these decision makers, and with opportunities to ask questions.


Formal representation on behalf of our businesses  and commercial property owners to local and central government and their agencies, to ensure their policy and plans best reflect the needs of our members.

Focus will be given to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and subsequent structure planning for Warkworth. Consult on and review future Auckland Council bylaws, providing education and representation across our membership on the implications of any changes.


With key stakeholders including;

  • NZTA and Auckland Transport
  • Auckland Council
  • Local Board

Facilitating public workshops/meetings with business owners and other key community stakeholders.