Keeping Business Moving

Over the coming four to five years, millions of dollars are being invested by both local and central government in the greater Warkworth area.

Significant time will be spent consulting with NZTA, Auckland Transport and others to ensure the infrastructure projects planned will improve our connectivity and mitigate the inconvenience to business and investors.


We will lobby actively to represent your interests, but we also require your input and engagement. 

We encourage you to have your say and participate fully in the consultation process. 

Along with our region’s growing success comes growing infrastructure demands, and it is critical to manage this to ensure that the greater Warkworth area remains a desirable place to work, live and relax.


Timely infrastructure investment is essential to ensure the managed growth of our district. Key projects will be happening in the coming years but when they happen, how they are managed and what is delivered will help shape the future of the greater Warkworth area.

It is essential that input from the business community of the greater Warkworth area is loud and clear on what we want.

Improved signage and ensuring there is adequate parking in key areas of Warkworth is essential for the success of the local businesses.


Continue to connect members with Auckland Transport and their agencies on localised issues such as cycle lanes, walkways, and management of on-street parking.

Conduct surveys, and manage the collection of data and direct member feedback, for presentation to Auckland Transport’s traffic engineers and safety teams.

Work with Auckland Transport and NZTA to develop comprehensive plans for main arterial routes.


Host public meetings to educate and work with Auckland Council and CCO’s (Council Controlled Organisations) such as Auckland Transport and Watercare to mitigate the impact on business services and access.

Ensure our members are provided appropriate consultation on infrastructure changes that impact on access, productivity and investment.

Provide regular updates on infrastructure projects and changes to the transport system.

Facilitate presentations by Auckland Transport, NZTA and other key stakeholders.