Warkworth is a pretty riverside town, located about 60km north of Auckland City. It is the main service centre for the district including Snells Beach, Matakana, Point Wells, Omaha and Leigh, as well as being at the heart of the Matakana Coast Wine Region.

As one of Auckland’s two satellite towns earmarked for future growth, Warkworth is poised for enormous change over the next 20 years. Coupled with this, work is expected to start soon on the northern motorway extension between Puhoi and Warkworth, which will mean an even faster connection to Auckland.

With some of NZ’s best beaches, marine reserves and regional parks, together with thriving hospitality businesses, a passionate local community, growing population base and significant investment in infrastructure, Warkworth is a great location to live, work and invest.

It is essential that there is a strong and clear voice for the greater Warkworth area business community to ensure that businesses grow and prosper, and that the stakeholders in this growth have a clear understanding of local needs and aspirations. 

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One Warkworth Business Association is made up of a passionate and successful base of Warkworth area businesses; 
people who are determined to ensure that Warkworth’s growth and prosperity is assured. Learn more..